He looked at the pistol well tucked below the police belt. This time he made sure Alyne had seen it. But she was too innocent to suspect anything. All she wanted was justice. But she didn’t know how she would get it. 

His mother was also in the courtroom. His dad didn’t see the point of coming. He had taken his son to college to get proper education. Not to impregnant unsuspecting girls. His pregnant wife was also present. He had convinced her that Alyne was lying. She knew her husband would be set free. Or so she hoped. He looked at his mother. She had always stood by his side. Always.     


Ramos had no intention of getting her pregnant. She had no such intentions too. Alyne was James’ girlfriend. James was Ramos’ best friend. That night, they’d gone out to drink,just like usual. James had took more. Far more than he was used to. Ramos was always careful not to take much. So as James kept on drinking, Ramos and Alyne sat on the pub’s balcony,taking a sip after every ten minutes. After 2 hours, James was not James. He bacame J-a-m-e-s while his friend became ‘you b-o-y’ and his girlfriend ‘a who-re’.

James and Alyne took eternity to bring James to his bedsitter. He fell in his bed,snoring like a bored pig. Alyne convinced Ramos not to go as he never knew if she might need help at night. Ramos obliged. He slept on the couch.
Late in the night James puked. Whatever he puked smelt like hell! It wasn’t his first time. He had puked the night before and the night before that. Alyne thought of cleaning the mess which had also spilt onto her revealing-all night dress but she didn’t. She woke Ramos up.

Ramos,still with his eyes slightly closed because of the sweet sleep he was having, slowly woke up, and slowly being brought back to life with the beauty of this almost naked teen girl. Her firm but soft breasts, well curved hips that he was accustomed to seeing in her short skirts, and her lips…

Ramos suggested they go to his place. She couldn’t refuse.


Next to step in the witness stand was James. Ramos remembered how she had told her that her parents really believed in James and that they were really looking forward to their marriage. He looked at her parents. Her father moved on the front bench. Same to her mother. Then followed her sister.
To be continued…

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Sitaki Wanitake

Sitaki wakunitaka, Mimi nishachukuliwa,

Kwake siwezi kuruka, Vitamu mepakuliwa

Sivuki yetu mipaka, talaka nisije pewa,

Sitaki wakunitaka, kwake nishachukuliwa.
Unipe vya chokoleti, vya karanga ama frai

Kwake nishapewa kiti, kulala sitaji rai

Kitandani ni fulati, natikiswa nafurai,

Sitaki wakunitaka, kwake nishachukuliwa
Kwake mimi nitadumu, kwa mabaya na mazuri,

Tuepuke kudhulumu, dharau nacho kiburi,

Vyote pamoja ni sumu, kuviepuka ni amri,

Sitaki wakunitaka, kwake nishachukuliwa.
Majirani tukomeni, fungeni yenu midomo,

Yetu yawahusu nini, hatujali kiwa shimo,

Tutajaza di pomoni, tujitoe ndani humo,

Sitaki wa kunitaka, kwake nishachukuliwa.
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The End of the Tunnel…the story of Angela

JOHNMARK OKUMU. She pushed the door. She wished he hadn’t arrived but nope,he was in. The secretary ushered her in.

“You are late again…!!!”

He shouted on top of his voice as he rose from his chair…wide eyes sending a harsh message through the specs.

“My husband and I…”

“Fought again? Listen Angela, this is not a prayer house! This is not a church and it can never be. This is someone’s and we’ve got to meet targets deadlines to beat! That’s what we are employed for! Whether your husband beats you up or kills you that is none of our business!”

He made every word sink. The banging on the table and his eyes turning harsh red made every word plain and clear.

The small wounds and scars on her once beautiful face meant nothing to this animal of a person. How could she tell him that she had spent her night out in the cold? How could she tell him that she was almost strangled to death the previous night? How could she tell her that she was burning inside? How could she? Her tears…

He was still looking at him with those angry eyes. He was not different from her husband. He wanted explanations. Explanations he wasn’t ready to hear. Every time she opened her mouth,his was ready to interrupt,judge and save shivers all over her body. 

“I am…”

“Sorry. Of course you are. I want your resignation letters in the next 30 minutes!”


“Well…you heard me.”

The last words weren’t harsh. They were resigned. They had that final tone in them. He said them as he sat back in his chair and pulled the files he was working on close. He had given up. She bit her lower lip. Why was the world so harsh on her?


The previous day. 9.27 pm. 

Angela’s car lights cut through the main doors curtains,then the left side window’s ,slowly as she parked next to her husband’s. He was already home.That could mean only one thing. One big thing…war! There was no better word to describe it. And no lesser.

She stepped out. Pushed the door open. Got in.

Something was not right. The door was open but there was no one in the living room. She didn’t move farther. 

Someone was behind her…yes. She could feel him breath. A familiar breathe.

To be continued…

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Shattered hearts
Shattered hearts

Love is a beautiful thing. There is no better feeling like loving someone and being loved back in return. It is the best feeling ever. The problem only gets in when love becomes unidirectional. You love people who don’t even know you exist. You put so much into your relationship but they seem not to care. The worst bit sets in when they are even seeing someone else. You can’t just stand it.
Well, I may not be the best person to talk about this, but I’ll still talk about it anyway. For some reason you fall in love with someone. You are so much into love that whatever the person does,however stupid or serious, is just fun. You enjoy being around the person more than anyone else. Evetything they say makes a lot of sense to you. You are surprised why everyone isn’t getting their jokes. You wonder why people can’t figure out what they are saying yet it is so clear to you. You look at them and yes, they hold everything that you need;love,happiness,fun,kids…everything.
They can’t get out of your mind. You are in the kitchen and yes,they are there,cooking with you. You start singing and yes,they are there, singing with you in the sweetest of voices. You sit down to eat and alas,they are there,pulling the chair for you, and serving you your favourites. You go to bed and once you get hold of that people, it slowly turns into them, talking,smiling and singing to you. They caress you as you sloely fall asleep,smiling. 
Then they are all over in your dreams. When that scary dog comes backing they chase it away. When you start falling from the top of the highest building…you fall right into their arms.
You are falling in love. The feeling is irresistable. You pick your phone to call,or text…they already texted. Time? 2.15 am. Wow! You feel something again. Something so beautiful. It is a simple text. Goodnight dearie. You hug your phone. And kiss yourself. Goodnight too hun. You reply. 
Alas! They are still awake. So you chat till morning. You talk about lots of stuff. Yes,lots. From there they are showing evety sign of falling for you,too. You can feel it. You can feel love when you see it.
You plan. You plan so well. You meet. And now it is that day. It will go down in history. 
You tell them how you feel.
They say NO!
You are hit…hard! In the face. You are confused! Why did they give you a wrong signal? Or were you so infatuated you read the wrong signs?
Slowly, you roll back into your shell,dejected. You’ve just been rejected,once again. You’ll never fall in love again,you swear. But what if they come back and say yes…you don’t know. Just stay in your shell. 





Ipo Siku
Ipo Siku

Ipo siku

N’talala mkiwa macho

Ipo siku

Ntakula mkila kwa macho

Wenye kunikandamiza mkiwa nacho

Ipo siku

N’tawachekelea mkilia

Mtanibebea mkinishikilia

Ipo siku

Mtaniendesha mkivumilia

Matusi yangu huku mmenikwamilia

Kwa sasa

Kuleni n’kiyameza mate

Mtawalilia wakiwachekelea

N’kandamizeni,n’chekeleni nikilia

Nawabebea n’kiwashikilia

Tena kwa mnato

Nawaendesha n’kiwavumilia

Matusi yenu na uvundo wa maneno
Ipo siku

M’tapenda bila pendo

Mtanifikiria n’kiwa kando

Kando yenu na hamtaniona

Mtanipenda tena kwa dhati sana

Ipo siku

Zawadi mtanimiminia

Sifa mtanitunukia

Mengi mtanifanyia

Mengine hata msofikiria

N’kiwaumiza mtanililia

Lakini kwa sasa

Acha niwapende msonipenda

Niwafikirie nyie bila kuniona

Niwapende tena bila kipimo

Zawadi niwamiminie

Sifa niwatunukie

Mengi nayo niwafanyie

Mniumize n’kiwalilia

Kulalama nisilalamike
Ipo siku

Heshima itadumu

Madharau na kutudhulumu

Vyote mtavitia sumu

Mtukubali kwenu tuwasalimu

Mtuweke tuwe salama salimini

Lakini kwa sasa

Dumisheni madharau na kutudhulumu

Mtupe sisi sumu badala yakuvitilia hivyo sumu

Ipo siku 

Mtatukubali kwenu tuwasalimu

Mtuweke tuwe salama salimini

Ipo siku






To my Baby

Hi darling

How are you

How does it feel in there

We miss you

Your mother and I

We miss you

We can’t wait papa

We can’t wait mama

We miss you.
You hold us together

You are the reason we are always happy

We gave up those fights long time ago

We gave up those arguments we always hard

You’ve given us hope

You’ve given us faith

You’ve given us family

You’ve given us happines

The only arguments we now have

Is whether a boy or girl you’ll be

But still

That doesn’t matter

We are here waiting

For you.
Are you gonna be a footballer

Like the mighty Messi or Cristiano

Or are you gonna rise like the rising Marcus Rashford

Your mum says you kick a lot

Or are you gonna be the next Lupita

Or you are gonna follow your uncle J’s footsteps

Listen papa, Listen mama

Doesn’t matter,welcome to the world

We are eager

Waiting for you.
Blessed shall you be among many

Loved will you be from all of us


Come meet your cousins

Come play with them

We are all waiting


With lots of love

Daddy and mummy

In My Darkness

I smile

I always do

But deep down inside me

I’m a worried man


Always thinking about tomorrow

Always worried of tomorrow

Coz in my darkness

No one knows the truth.
I meet a group of my friends

We chat,laugh and feel happy

We play,joke and even go astray

But deep inside me

I’m hurting

Of unpaid rent,unpaid debts

Some are into the tenth month

I feel bad

In my darkness
I get home to my family

My wife welcomes me,smiling

My Niki comes running

I lift her up


We all enjoy the reunion

But it will be short lived

I carried home work

I got deadlines to beat

And my boss was so harsh to me

But I keep it all,in my darkness
The following day at work

My boss wants his work

I’ve tried my best

But I haven’t finished yet

There he goes again

Shouting and ranting

Grinding and cursing

But deep inside me

I know why I didn’t finish

Niki is admitted

My wife and I were up and down the whole night

But who wants to know anyway

That is only my darkness

I’m not fine

In my darkness.